Kim Kardashian is being processed for posting the photo… it


Kim Kardashian it is to be sued for having posted in Instagram a photo with her husband Kanye West. The problem with this is that it is the photographer Saeed Bolden it claims that it is the owner of record, as he was the one who took the picture. In accordance with the process, which is obtained by the TMZ on Thursday, October 23, Bolden said that in the advantage I never asked for permission to use the photo, or have paid for the rights to the author. The photographer doesn’t specify how much you want to win, in the process, but objects to any of the income that he or she has gotten the picture.

The picture was posted in October 2018, and more than two million like. This was taken at the launch party for the album of the the song In thethat He has produced so far.

The situation is not new at all, in Hollywod, and artists, such as: Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez faced by a similar process from 2019 at the latest. Post a photo without asking for permission from the photographer or the company for which he works may give rise to a lawsuit for the rights of the author.

According to the magazine Cashin the case of Jennifer Lopez, the photographer asks for a compensation fee of around 136 million euros. Ever the photographer, was involved in the case of Ariana Grande calls for the profits made from the photos – I can’t make it, or for 25 thousand euros) for each captured image.

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