Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick and she Together go, for the moment, embarrassing for the bath for the jacuzzi, “You’re so negative”


Guys, it’s nice to back in my opinion in the family. In a teaser for the new episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, Kourtney has caused a tense moment when you give advice, make-up, for a present from her ex-husband, Sofia Richie. All of them are trying to be a friend to the well-being of the family, but sometimes zoeiras end up leaking out…

Scott Disick and his girlfriend were invited to take part in the recent visit of his Images for Women. There, the guys decided to take the opportunity to relax in a hot tub: Kourt, Scott, and Sophia, with their children from a former marriage.

Your sister made a remark in regards to the make-up of the Sophia, saying that she didn’t “spread” properly ,and insisted on giving him a few tips, a quality, well-blogueirinha. Meanwhile, Scott squirmed in the corner, seeming to be embarrassed. “This is it, it is not very well spread out from there… to here” said the brunette, pointing to the face of Richie.

Kourtney went on to explain the next steps that should be followed in order to win a make it perfect. She also wondered if the blonde had all the utensils, on correct for more. “It’s all wrong?”, he questioned the daughter of Lionel Richie. Just then, the little Mason, the eldest son of Kourt and Scott’s, he pointed at Sofia, Kourt said: “You have a type, and literally in a row [no seu rosto]“.

“A friend to the fuzzy?!” (Photo: Play/YouTube)

Disick, who was clearly uncomfortable with the situation, he tried to divert the subject. “We flew to Finland to get in the shower. Shall we go out?”, he wondered, in the midst of the mess that the kids made. But the Kardashian’s did not care and said bluntly: “You’re such a negative way. Have you ever told this before?”.

“First of all, I think it’s awesome for the kids to see all of it. It was very cute, but you literally went looking for a reason to leave. You could simply have said, ‘It’s not up to me, and we’ll away’”he scored with the daughter, Kris, after a reminder of the afternoon’s hot, the last with the cubs. Xii… He’s bad!

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Later in the episode, Kourtney has questioned the attitude of the young man, and he was reminded that the idea of uniting the families on the trip, that was it. “Scott really, really wanted to come to Finland with us, so I don’t know why you are being so negative. I just want everyone to have a great time, and it’s means that putting a dark cloud over it.”in the world.

In the end, she said they don’t feel left out when you are in the presence of the two of them. “Otherwise, I would not invite her to come over”he said. Watch at the end of the episode, which will air on Monday (06), listed below: