Kylie Jenner – 05/11/2019 – Nizan Guanaes


The younger generations consume media in a way that was very different from the generations that came before us. This is not a new one. The essence of the world is changing.

What is different now is the pace of change. It is enough to compare the time it took for the printing press, radio, and TV, to expand around the world, and in the much shorter period of time than the digital media have taken to get to a dominant position today among the young people.

If the culture, for the majority of the adult population, continues to be a book, movie, film, drama, the arts, the media, and the professionals who produce it, better for the younger generation, and the consumption of culture is much more connected to the movies in a few minutes, and a personality that is digital, on YouTube, on Instagram, on Twitter, or in-TikTok. Is platforms, free, open, and wide-ranging. And because of this, a lot more capable of creating the content and the audience.

You can like it or not, for that issue, but to deny it is to want to cover the sun with a pop-up blocker in the digital signal.

And it’s not only the culture, but in businesses as well.

In 2008, at the age of 23, Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire (not heir), the youngest in the world. It’s not exactly a star in the digital media, but the owner of the larger of the two, the Facebook, with more than 2 billion users —and he is the owner of still’s Instagram, WhatsApp, and other things that you still don’t know.

Already a billion dollar (not the heir), the more the young man of the world, Kylie Jenner is already the result of the digital revolution, launched by Zuckerberg and classmates in Silicon Valley. Because of this, she was able to achieve with the club of billion-a 21-year-old, even younger than that in the eyes of others.

Jenner built a machine to do it for fame and money, and at the top of the social network with a business model and an exponential just as modern as the most innovative start-ups. The number of employees is proportionally inverse to their vast army of followers (around 120 million). She began to win fame as early as the reality of her family, “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, which premiered when she was just ten years old.

An entrepreneurial natural, and human, Jenner, opened up her cosmetics company in the past four years and to invest US$ 250 billion accrued to the career of a model. Rocked her mark (his or her person, in social networks, outsourced production, and began a business of make-up in 2018 at the earliest, it had a turnover of US$ 360 million.

As well as the eyes of others, it is proof that the new technology can produce not only the hatred and bias, but also to the wealth and development. All the tools are new, but the logic of the business, not so much.

The main act of the creation of wealth, both for the eyes of others as well as for Jenner, it was the establishment of a captive audience, an audience that large, which it is possible to be able to communicate and do business, great.

What has changed, and continues changing, it is the shapes, and the speed of the build in the audience was captive. Jenner had already set up his huge audience before you launch your product, as they have done to Jane Fonda, She, Angie, and other celebrities, entrepreneurs.

What is true of these new players is worth to the business, new or old: there is no success without an audience. And in order to win over the public, not just good products and services. Van Gogh died in poverty. To build your audience, there is only one way communication.

In this era of communication, companies, organizations, and leaders who need to nurture their public, have incredible tools at their disposal. But with the high speed of change can make it more difficult to understand. The risks are many.

To establish its truth, and only then a dialogue is a sure way to go. The lessons learned will make a difference. The results, as well.