Maria Sharapova: “Re after the sanction was complicated,”


Competitor cream, always focused, always alert, and without that it appears that the outcome affects you. Maria Sharapova has been recognized by many as a player in robotics at the time of channel failure, but encorajinada like the most in the key moments. There has been a large part of his success as a professional tennis player. After having decided to put an end to his successful career as a player, the Russian gave an interview to New York Times to analyze what has been lived in these past few days.

Withdrawal with 32 years of age: “It is very complicated to compare the age when the players are removed. Each one of us, we have a style of life totally different. We see some players with less than 30 years, abandoning this sport and many others who continue to play surpassing the 35. I think that every player with the support of its technical team and family have to decide when is the right time to stop and I have already decided that the ideal time is now. Serena is an example of that can continue playing because it is still competitive in the big tournaments and I’m sure that it will win any major tournament more”.

To combine the life of a mother with tennis: “I’ve always said that I would love to have children, but would never do it while practicing tennis. I know that there are many players who have been mothers and know how to toggle very well both lives, but I would not know how to get around to it. You need to dedicate many hours to the tennis and you’re constantly traveling, which would make me lose a lot of things of his childhood. Now that I have decided to leave it, I have time to think about it and go for it.”

The difficult childhood you had: “When I was six years old, my father and I we had to go to Florida to realize my dream of being a tennis player. My mother does not was able to accompany due to problems with his visa, and I missed a lot of things with my mother. This is the reason why I have not decided to be a mother while I’ve been a tennis player, because I know how hard it is to grow up and not have your mother at your side. Now thank God I already have both people on my side and almost not separate myself from them.”

To overcome such a suspension for doping: “It was a very tricky situation that I managed to overcome very humble way. It has been one of the most difficult moments not only of my career but of my life itself. In spite of everything I decided not to come down, recognize my mistake and fight back in the best way possible, simply for the love of this sport. I am proud to have returned and have given the best of myself, even though the results in these last few years have not been accompanied by much”.

Possible return to the tennis court: “There is much talk of the return of Kim Clijsters after many years away, but I can say with certainty that I will not play tennis any more. It is a stage that has already finished. It is possible to continue linked to this sport but in other areas. In the tennis there,” he concluded.