Naomi Watts will not be in Game of Thrones but s in The Wolf Hour

It is possible that we may not be able to see Naomi Watts in the prequel Game of Thronesbut s we will be able to enjoy his work starring in the thriller The Wolf Hourdirected and written by Alistair Banks Griffin. The film puts the focus of attention in the disturbances that took place in New York, in the year 1977, and is expected to debut in the united States the December 6.

The hour of the wolf

According to we read in Entertainment Weeklythat he has shared the exclusive first image of the film, the actress playing June Leigha woman is pursued relentlessly by a stalker. His story is framed in the hot summer of 1977 in New York, known as “Summer of Sam”: the city is as a kind of cooker pressure to explode, and our protagonist only to have that glimpse through the window to discover how to the violence becomes more even more evident in the streets.

From his home, located on the fourth floor of an apartment complex in the Bronx, June is able to see from your isolated corner of the world catico that develops on the outside. With a rhythm that recalls the films of Hitchcock, The Wolf Hour may the magnifying glass on racial tensions and police brutality that takes place on these streets of New York.

Besides Watts, the cast is also composed by Jennifer Ehle, Brennan Brown, Emory Cohen, Jeremy Bobb, Kelvin Harrison, Jr., Peter Hollywood, Maritza Veer and Justin Clarke. The Wolf Hour get to the theaters the next December 6 in the united States.

Qu is the Summer of Sam?

This event, which shock-some New York city protagoniz a film of Spike Lee 1999, titled properly Summer of Sam. The city’s presence with horror the crmenes of the serial killer David Berkowitz – in the film of Lee est played by Michael Badalucco -, to which the press bautiz with the nickname of The Son of Sam. In the middle of a heat wave, the streets of the city of new york asistirn to the 8 armed attacks that protagoniz Berkowitz, and that did break the peace of the metrpolis american.


Cristina M. P