Rebecca Lima, the girlfriend of Jordi Cruz: brazilian, architect and entrepreneur


How time flies, it seems that it was yesterday and we have already spent a month locked up by the coronavirus. And it seems that it was the day before yesterday, but it’s been a year and a half since, coinciding with the presentation of the fourth edition of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’we are aware of the existence of the brazilian Rebecca Lima and his relationship with the chef Jordi Cruz, jury of the television contest.

Until that time, many relate emotionally to the Catalan that he had been her partner for eight years, shared not only life, but also some business. However, in that presentation Jordi went with the brazilian, a year and a half later, he is still in his life. In fact, when the season finished the contest, the chef already manifested publicly their unconditional love for your new partner with phrases such as “My pretty girl” in the social networks. Something that was reciprocated in the same way by the brazilian, who in turn used his profile of Instagram to shout to the four winds: “You are. I don’t know. I knew it. You recognized it. You are. For many coincidences. You are. From before find you. I know, love. You”, along with a romantic photograph of the couple.

Its history has been adding days and becoming more and more visible: on the 24th of January, coinciding with the final of ‘MasterChef Junior’, Rebecca is introduced on the set of the program to give a surprise (and a kiss) to the cook. Closing the circle.

The chef and the architect

Rebecca Lima is, as the other Lima that we know, and brazilian, just like that Adrianaalso the girlfriend of Jordi is a model, although alternating this profession with that of an architect.

Her 26 years ago, has already created a brand of lingerie and swimwear called IntiSwin, that is not only the founder, but also one of the most well known faces. In fact, since he met the relationship that it maintains with the Catalan chef, the social networks of Rebecca were privatized while those of the clothing brand continued to be open and in addition experiencing a rise in visits (currently the model has almost 23,000 followers as your brand reaches 62,000).

The age difference between them, he is 41 and she 26, there seems to be no obstacle. The couple met through a mutual friend, also brazilian. The set of the contest also provided to introduce (at least publicly) to the model in the family of the chef because, after the kiss and the surprise, went to the dining room to share a table with her three sisters-in-law, brother-in-law and his mother-in-law.

Rebecca, with the family of Jordi. (RTVE)
Rebecca, with the family of Jordi. (RTVE)

Before the coronavirus and the confinement came to our lives, we could also see the couple in the Cavalcade of the Kings of these last christmas, now seem to us as from another century.