Rusev is fired from the WWE


Definitely today is not the day of Rusev

Through its official twitter account, the former champion of the united States and one of the superstars most loved of the company, the Gross Bulgarian Rusev, has confirmed his departure from the WWE.

Rusev is added to the list of laid-off

This as part of the trim that Vince McMahon has announced that, due to the problems the company is experiencing due to the crisis of the COVID-19.

Update, the WWE has made it official on their website the departure of Rusev.

Among the new laid-off, are No Way Jose, Rusev, Zack Ryder and the writer of the story of Mandy Rose and Otis, which sent a message on twitter.

It seems that today it was difficult, for much of the talent of the company, and we have to see that is what I will continue to for the company. Recently Vince and the WWE were beaten heavily, by what happened with the XFL, which declared bankruptcy, and announced its official closing.

This confirmed that the WWE also had some shares of the new company Fotball American.

Finally Rusev had this in an important story of the triangle love affair, with Lana and Bobby Lashley, which was eventually cancelled abruptly.

Since then The Bulgarian had not signed a contract, and now has been out of the company.

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