Scarlett Johansson responds to criticism made by Martin Scorsese about the Marvel universe

Having said that, “the Marvel comics do not make films, it’s the truth. Martin Scorsese he started a war with the director and the actors, in the universe of the super-heroic, that it comes and goes, there are a couple of weeks. Now it was the turn of the Scarlett Johanson express your feelings about the statements of the leaders of a director – after all, it’s been a part of the USING from the very beginning, playing the role of the iconic the femme fatale tour Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow.

“There’s certainly a place for all kinds of cinema today,” she said in an interview with the The Hollywood Reporter. “For people to absorb content from a variety of different ways. I still don’t understand fully your statements, because I don’t think that there is a degree of clarity as to what they mean. Because, to me, it seemed like quite a traditionalist. But someone pointed out that what the statement means is that there is no room for the little movies, why the film is taken up by a huge blockbustersand smaller movies don’t stand a chance in the theaters. I hadn’t considered that, and I think that it is a perspective that is very worthwhile”.

“But I also feel that there is a change in the way in which people attend to those things, and there are all these platforms are used for different types of contentit , she said. “Right now, we have movies, and shows and movies and art and all that kind of thing is going to be consumed in a number of ways. I feel that this is changing. It does not mean that you are fading away”.

Martin Scorsese recently wrote an article on the The New York Timesexplaining the reason for his controversial statements. According to him, the Marvel movies stay in the “comfort zone”, and if you rely only on the scenes that the fans want to see:

“Many of the elements that define the cinema, as I know they are in the movies The Marvel comic. The one that doesn’t exist is the revelation of the mystery, or danger to the emotional and genuine. Nothing is on the line. The scenes are meant to meet a specific set of desires, and they are designed as variations on the same theme.”

The film’s 76 years old, said that in the movies the classics they remain today because of the quality of the script, such as ‘Due to‘ and that blockbusters they are just events of the moment, regardless of the box office.

In addition to the criticism of the stories, he said, the cinema halls to view blockbusters are forcing many filmmakers to invest in this genre, the only way to stay in the industry, leading to the end of the film than the truth.’

To accomplish this, martin Scorsese has said that the directors and producers are releasing their films in alternative ways, such as streaming platforms because of the unfair competition.

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