Shang-Chi could take place in an era of UCM unexplored by Marvel


The filming of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings it is one of those that was underway when the crisis of the coronavirus came on the scene. And although, logically, the production was cancelled shortly after, there have been many leaks from the set that have occurred since then.

The latest, revealed a possible connection between that film and Black Panther. And today might be still more revealing. To the point that the movie could take place in a was completely unexplored by Marvel until today. And as always, a moving picture is worth a thousand words…

As indicated from the Comicbook, the Twitter user @charlesbassf has shown us this little video in which we see a scene of the film that is shown to Shang-Chi (Simu Liu) and the character of Awkwafina coming in a taxi to a place seedy in a city or a district of the asian city. In normal conditions, would only be a quick outlet in which we can see as it reaches the character. But everything is not always what it seems.

That way, we can see that while walking, the characters pass a wall with the year 2020 printed in graffiti. The question now is: does the graffiti is part of the scene from the movie, or is it only a coincidence natural the location you established in the own shooting? Or in other words, the movie takes place in that year? Or you just is a graffiti of the real life that then will disappear from the editing?

What makes him the Master of Kung Fu?

The question is more important than we think at first. To give you an idea, the films of the UCM-based comics/novels Marvel not elapse between 2018-2023. Therefore, Shang-Chi could be the first movie to change that. That is to say, that we could not rule out that the film is placed between Infinity War and Endgame, which could be very interesting. What os would appear if it were so?