Stunning! The photo of Cameron Diaz for the all the loved do you remember it?


If there is something that they recognize the fans of Hollywood of the ’90s, is that the american Cameron Diaz it is one of the women who most hearts won.

Although there are few who know that the star he began his career at the age of 15, in the modeling, something that led her to live a while in Japan, it would be the action that would lead to stardom.

With only 22 years of age, the fame would touch the door the born in San Diegowhen she starred alongside Jim Carrey movie “The mask”.

Thanks to this interpretation and its incomparable beauty, Cameron gained popularity among the fans and became one of the actresses most requested by the directors.

The characteristic smile of the former model and his personality sympathetic caused very few “haters” they have, which is one of the most loved by the public hollywood.

A fan page has published a photo of the protagonist of “Charlie’s angels”, in which he recalls its beginnings, and re-fall in love, all thanks to the posture, the smile and the happiness with which it appears.

Cameron Diaz is away currently of the cameras, because they decided to give priority to the upbringing of your baby born from the relationship with Benji Madden.