That is awkward! Kendall and Kylie Jenner are vaiadas in the game of football, and has the best reaction! Watch


Folks, it’s ugly… Kendall and Kylie Jenner have gone to the evil bit on Monday (the 25th). The muses decided to go out to enjoy the evening and have a game of football. What they didn’t expect was the poor reception of the audience of the game. As soon as they appeared on the big screens in the stadium, the sisters were met with lots of boos. That is awkward!

Our Jenners, my favorite was to watch the start of the Los Angeles Rams against the Baltimore Ravens at the LA Memorial Coliseum. So far, all of the charm. But, how can you imagine, the pair never would have noticed. Then, they were spotted by the play “who’s in the house for the Month?”. And with that, their faces were shown on the big screens, identifying the member honoree of the “Klã” marking for presence.

As soon as he realized the camera, is Kylie Jenner had her big smile on her face, and she hugged her younger sister, a very cute. But, apparently, the fans did not agree with our opinion. According to the ^ duke, alan, then started the rain of boos — which they took to be noticed by the two. Even before you know it, a billion dollar it was to the smiles of… the extent To which that has completely changed the face of the to be achieved in full by the pie climão.

Soon after, the camera went back and it was time for Kendall to face the reaction from the audience. But, with all the fullness of the world, the top model, called the f* * * * from it, showing that it was 100% not there. With the cat out in the card, sending kisses and doing a little of that peace, as a chorus of voices that has done the work to try to embarrass them. They are ugly… take a look at some of the angles to the point:

A lot of people were surprised, and they were to share what had happened on Twitter, some of them even approved of, and had fun with the boos. “Well, the Rams have lost, but at least the Ravens and the Rams rallied with one in the stadium, said Kendall Jenner”he wrote a profile.

“The most exciting thing that’s happened in the game, it was Kylie Jenner, being the vaiada in that they put his face on the big screen”said the other. That’s rubbish, isn’t he? The more people talk, the more the reputation one of them grows up… challenging not to bother you with so much success, lol!