The extreme diet-which was subjected to Shailene Woodley for his latest film









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The actress of fashion Shailene Woodley26-year-old revealed the stunning physical sacrifice that he made to make realistic role in her latest movie, adrift.

“During the last two weeks of shooting I had a can of salmon, some steamed broccoli and two egg yolks every day”, explained on the strict diet that had to be conducted. Not was ingesting more than 350 calories a day.

In addition to the protagonist of the series ‘Big Little Lies’ confessed that he “could not sleep for the hungry, so he took a cup of wine to be able to reconcile the dream“.

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‘The drift’ it is a film based on real facts in which a couple is isolated with its sailboat in the middle of the ocean after facing a hurricane, with no food or water.

Woodley also told that in one of the scenes she and her castmate, Sam Claflinhad to eat butter corn with your fingers. “We both had so much hunger… the fact that we could eat fat salt pure was the paradise on Earth”, had, what made that scene was “very authentic”.


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