The favorite games of the famous


Game. Pixabay

Many times we find that we want to kill time some how and we were without any type of idea. That is what many think that celebrity in their big houses and mansions, which despite having large swimming pools and a luxurious gyms also lend a hand of other types of entertainment as typical as video games, board games or cards.

During the last few weeks there have been many celebrities who have shared through their social networks, those methods that have to pass the time, demonstrating that, in many cases, not do things so different in comparison to the people on foot, that is in the movies, series, books, and gaming the entertainment suitable when they are at home.

For many it is well known that, for example, football players such as Gerard Piqué and Neymar are great fans of poker, and even participate in professional competitions in their spare time (going so far as to pocket large amounts of money thanks to them). Others, such as actors Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are recognized to be lovers of the blackjack, and it says that are usual in casinos like the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas. However, when they are at home, it is more than likely that the use of other methods to entertain themselves. Luckily, on the Internet there are options of what is most interesting for fans of online blackjack so that they can access this type of games of cards without moving from the couch. By what is said by other celebrities like Paris Hilton, or even the rapper Snoop Dogg are other great fans of the cards, so that this type of entertainment seems to be a common among the major celebrities of the moment.

The console, of course, is another of the great sources of entertainment to movie stars such as footballers. Of these latter, for example, we have Sergi Roberto of FC Barcelona, Marco Asensio to Real Madrid, both very fond of the video game sports ‘FIFA’. By the looks of it, there are many who don’t stop to throw games during these last few weeks. And not only sport games, but game of war as ‘Call Of Duty’ or strategy as ‘League Of Legends’. In fact, it is known that the actress Cameron Diaz is a big fan of the role-playing game ‘World Of Warcraft’, while Megan Fox has openly stated that one of their favorite game is the fighting game ‘Mortal Kombat’.

However, the traditional entertainment still has a place in the homes of the great celebrities of the moment. For example, the famous presenter Ellen DeGeneres was proposed just a few weeks to finish a puzzle 4,000 pieces. What will be achieved? And it is that patience is one of the keys to be able to find one entertainment that lasts for hours and hours and not get bored. We don’t always know what to spend our hours, and remember those board games that we had forgotten in some attic can be a great source of entertainment. In fact, a departure from the well-known ‘Monopoly’ can last for hours and hours, and can adapt to any situation and environment than we can imagine (tv series, video games, books…).

Yes, if you prefer a type of entertainment, something more passive, we have many other options at our fingertips. And is that the success of series such as ‘house of paper’ or ‘Elite’ in Spain are demonstrating that the culture media is one of the preferred at present. But not everything is there, because, luckily, on the Internet we can also find ways to kill the hours of the most varied, such as reading from PDF documents or the completion of courses of all kinds to learn all those techniques or knowledge that we had pending. Famous or not, currently we are lucky to have an immense amount of tools at hand to pass the hours that we want in our homes without become bored for a second.