The photographs of the planet show, Kylie Jenner is almost unrecognizable

Iemelhança the majority of people are at this moment all over the world, it also Has Effects it has been in the house for quarantine, for the sake of the new coronaviruses. And now, more recently, according to a note in the international press, a business that was at an out of the house in the Them Angeles.

This would not be news were it not for the fact that it Has to have come up with a very different appearance from that to which fans are accustomed to.

A picture of the planet, published by the Cosmopolitan magazine, it shows the advantage of the ‘clean face’ without make-up. The publication referred to, which seemed to be almost unrecognizable.

Now to see it!

The news minute-by-Minute© Reproduction/Cosmopolitan/Backgrid

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