Tinashe says she has been left ‘lost for months’ after learning that her ex-boyfriend, Ben Simmons, and he was with Kendall Jenner


The singer has dated a star in the NBA for eight months

For more than a few artists would prefer not to talk too much about their personal lives, there are people who don’t see the problems, to be honest, and try to say what you think. This is especially the case for Tinashe, who is currently living one of the best moments of his career, after the release of the critically praised album “Songs For You”, and her first job as a designer is 100% independent.

A proof of the sincerity of the singer was seen in a recent statement given by her at the Roc Nation Brunch, an event held by JAY-Z asked about the relationship of the player is Ben Simmons, the ex-boyfriend with a model, Kendall Jenner, Tinashe revealed to have suffered quite a lot when I found out, having spent months in sheer pain.

“It was probably the worst day of my life, but now it’s all right,” said the singer about the time I heard about the new dating for All. “I’ve had it for about six months after that. Are you kidding me? I was lost for months on end. But I’m pretty good right now. It was pretty awful. The kind, that was a bad thing, but I’m fine now.”

Tinashe also said that it was only able to recover with the help of friends and family who have given all for the support when we most needed it. “I think it’s important to have people who support you, but at the same time, you can’t take it too seriously,” said Tinashe. “But at the same time, you need to move forward. This year, it’s a really great, in terms of what I want to do.”