To Cobie Smulders was removed two-thirds of ovary but was able to be a mom


At 25 years, Cobie Smulders it was already a well-known actress thanks to Robin Scherbatsky, that reporter self-sufficient that shone in How I Met Your Mother. On their backs, had two seasons of the series and, ahead, the ramifications of their way as they could be. However, to the artist was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, something that recently made public in 2015, after eight years.

In that moment I wanted to deal with that only with the support of my family. I was not interested in sharing it with anyone,” he mused in a recent interview granted to the magazine People. The reason the actress is that “the world does not benefit from my story until now, when in truth I can say ‘this is what happened to me and I survived, these are the things that I did, what I learned and what I can show you’”.

Smulders recalled that when he received the diagnosis “everything was a chaos, in particular because I was afraid of not being able to have children. I was always very motherly, I love children and knew that at some point in my life I wanted to. Not having that option from as girl, although it was not in my plans to have them, was very depressing”.

Despite everything, the actress of “The Avengers” acknowledged that he had a “good” oncologist who accompanied her throughout the process. Anyway, he pointed out that at that time there was too much information about his illness, so he turned to the Internet and tried all the instructions that you found.

Fortunately, your surgeon will left one-third of the ovary, which enabled him to have two children. In this regard, Smulders joked: “it was a small portion but powerful, apparently”.

Although his cancer has been in remission for nearly ten years, “the statistics indicate that women who have been in an advanced state them appear againand take forward these data leaves you in a terrifying position,” confessed. That is why it has decided to work so that all women know about the “therapies”maintenance.

“I think that it is a great opportunity for those women to have treatment options that were not available when I had to fight to me, ” he said. Though his case was not advanced, they perform regular checkups, eat healthy and exercise.