Why is Kourtney Kardashian’s invited to Sofia, Richie, and Scott Disick for a family trip


Kourtney Kardashian you are taking your kids to the hometown of Santa Claus, but she’ll also have some guests with her.

I’m going to Finland and enjoy the holidaysit, ” she said in an exclusive video Keeping Up With the Kardashians. And even though she was originally planning to go alone, with your kids, Mason, Penny and According To Disick, Kourtney revealed to the Khloe Kardashian it Scott Disick and Sofia Richie they go out together.

I said to Scott, ‘You’re trying to get to Sophia?’“she said, looking back at it, this wouldn’t be the first time that they would have done it.

You take very good of this thing to create for the children, separate“said Khloé.

And even though Kourtney agrees, but she also said that the dynamics of the trio, it’s very good for you. “They didn’t make me feel moved, which is pretty cool, “she said. “If not, I would not, or would Sophia“.

Then, Khloé, and began to think of how Sophie felt about all of this.

Can I ask you a question? Has anyone ever asked her how she felt?“mom said True To Thompson’s. Kourtney has said that if anyone asked, that was not it. Which is fair enough.

I feel like this is something they have to solve. It’s a little guy“said the former Sword. The two sisters also came to the conclusion that if Sofia did not feel the urge to go for a ride, it’s probably going to talk to Disick.

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