Apple is done with the rights of the documentary “Dads” actress Bryce Dallas Howard

Bruce Dallas Howard

As we approach the release date of the new service of streaming video from Apple, scheduled for November, virtually every day we have some news with the new bet of Apple for services, specifically with its platform of streaming video dubbed as Apple TV+.

As we read, once more, in Variety, Apple purchased the rights from the documentary-Dads (Parents) of the actress Bryce Dallas Howard (daughter of Ron Howard) to its platform for video streaming, thus adding to the long list of documentaries that we’re going to find in the platform of Apple video.

The documentary Dads, it is described as a vision desenfada of modern families who are faced with the upbringing of their children. This documentary will be trained next Monday at the Film Festival of Toronto. Dads shows us the problems and anecdotes that you have seen some celebrities, including Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon and Neil Patrick Harris.

Everything seems to indicate that Apple want to focus part of its strategy for Apple TV+, not only in the series of own production, but also in the documentary and, to a lesser extent in movies, but for the moment we can only count with the fingers of a hand, and we have an excess of fingers, the projects of this type in which Apple is involved.

Last week it was announced that the cancellation of the series Bastards, a series starring Richard Gere and that showed us how two veterans of the war in Vietnam do not fully understand as they act the youth of today.

But it’s not all bad news, as Joseph Gordon Levitt, has reached an agreement with Apple to star in, write and produce a new series that we account as fits a high school teacher when it comes to forty in the city of Los Angeles.