Cobie Smulders presents a new version of quarantine, “Let’s go to the Mall”


Regardless of the division of the fans during his final series “How I Met Your Mother” had moments that can be considered to be legen-wait a moment – side.

One of them is when you discover that Robin Scherbatsky he was a pop singer during her teenage years during the 80’s Canada, featuring one of his greatest hits “Let’s Go To The Mall”.

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Cobie Smulders, the actress who played Robin during the nine seasons of the series, has paid tribute to this moment so well-remembered by fans.

Through your account Instagram, Smulders share a new version that, to the rhythm of the original, invites those who hear to stay home during the quarantine.

Let’s stay all in house. Good. Here it is. I hope that you remove some things out of the head. At least it did me.

In the publication, Smulders thanks to those who helped him to write the new lyrics, as well as the composer of the original song Brian Kim, who also adapted it so that the actress could interpret it.

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In the publication indicates that has been done to the benefit of both organizations Save the Children Canada Help and Daily Bread Food Toronto.