Film & Arts debuts in Pretty Baby with Brooke Shields this Sunday the 16th at 10PM – the Saint of The Rock

It was the decade of the 80’s, Brooke Shields was the wedding that we all wanted, his picture was the classic girl relaxed and cool that everyone wants, with a touch of simplicity, joy and the security of the world is yours.

While they were simpler times, and moral standards were more stringent to impose today, Brooke Shields was the prototype not only of bride, but of the girl that parents wanted to be their daughters, more like everything in life, that model was perfected and in its image of security had something beyond the purity immaculate, had that which is called experience.

In 1978, Brooke Shields, with Keith carradine to star it and Susan Sarandon, among a good deal, were directed by Louis Malle in Pretty Baby, a movie that the original Pro-Life, preferred not to mention in the path of the artist.

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I was not yet a sexual being and this is how Malle wanted it to be. He was more interested in showing the emergence of my sexuality, through my attitude, through a nudity-free.

Brooke Shields

PREMIERE: Sunday 16 September, 22.00 hs.

Louis Malle tells the story of Violet, a girl of twelve years, was born and raised in a brothel Soryville (New Orleans) to the beginning of the century. It is through the eyes of Violet, that will guide this story. It is his eye the start of the film and the look in his eyes also ends. When the film begins, Violet appears to be witnessing an act of pleasure, but in reality it is something more, an act of life. It’s not bad as a metaphor, visual and auditory: a thing is what she believes to perceive and another what actually happens. That’s why the vision of the brothel is so kind and romantic. Prostitutes will appreciate each other, there is solidarity between them, all are beautiful, go well dressed, their customers are elegant, formal, lively and gentle, the piano plays happy songs, madam Nell Livingston manages everything with rigour, but with justice. It is not possible to imagine a better world: although the outside of the First World War left thousands of victims, this is an echo lejanísimo to Violet. She is hardly 12 years old.

The way in which her virginity is auctioned off and their subsequent marriage with a photographer that the triples on age is a way sown with snares, Malle drawn with a skill angelic. Pretty Baby is a product radically subversive presented with a wrap-elegant and beautiful, a real show of good taste achieved by the more difficult of the paths.

“Pretty Baby”, Usa, 1978. Dir.: Louis Malle. With Brooke Shields, Keith Carradine To Star It, Susan Sarandon. Drama. 110’. Calif. 18.

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