Phoebe Buffay: your daughter in Friends are now is influencer of TikTok


For those who don’t remember, Phoebeof Friendshe did a great favor to your brother to have his children when he discovered that his wife could not become pregnant. With a fertility treatment (no, no incest in Friends, take your mind out of the gutter), Phoebe became pregnant with triplets, two boys and a girl and was the first in the group of friends in becoming a mother.

These children leave very little in the series, as Ben Geller (that simply disappeared in a point of the series), in reality we only realized that his brother had a lot of problems to take care of three bullies at the same time and that is called Leslie, Frank Jr and Chandler (in honor of Chandler Bing, although we do not know why did not put Monica or Rachel).

What many do not know is that the infants interpreted the sons/nephews of Phoebe were actually brothers, were interpreted by the quadruplet Alexandria, Paul, Justin and Cole Cimoch, who appeared in the chapter The One with Joeys Porsche of season 6, and after we did not hear of them.

Ben Geller he continued working in tv after Friends, we saw him next to his twin brother in the series such as The Sweet Life of Zack and Cody and, recently, in the series Riverdaleand Emma Geller-Green it was performed by the twins that appear in Us Jordan Peele, but the little triplets stayed away and we did not hear of them, until one influencer of TikTok solved the mystery.

Years after having appeared in the series, an influencer has just revealed that she was the daughter of Phoebe Buffay. Alexandria Cimochthat already became viral in TikTok, shared a video on the platform to reveal that she was one of the babies most famous of television of the 90’s, sharing pictures in which Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) is loaded, and a few moments in which Lisa Kudrow (aka the creator of Smelly Cat) was her babysitter.

His role was small, but fans of Friends they liked to know that he had spent with these children and the video received case 3 million views in a matter of hours. What most seemed to impress the fans is that Alexandra had the luck to be charged by the very lord Chanandler Bong (don’t say you don’t remember that chapter), aka the biggest style icon of the 90’s and the best character in the whole series.

One fan in particular, he added: “please, cambia legally your middle name Chandler for this reason”, and another wrote: “Matthew Perry to help you, you are my goddess”.

Alexandra, who is now studying at the University of Wisconsin, she also shared a series of images of the behind-the-scenes of the series and revealed that she and her 3 siblings were used for the scene, so one of his brothers played the role of the small Chandler also.

The brothers Cimoch only interpreted the babies, the chapter in which the triplets returning to visit his aunt/mom Phoebe is introduced to three different children that were not siblings, Dante Pastula, Sierra Marcoux, and Allisyn Ashley Armwho appeared later in the series of Disney’s Sonny With a Chance.

Do you want to feel old and nostalgic at the same time? You just have to see the photo of Alexandra to remind you that the series premiered 25 years ago and all of the children who appeared in the series are adults now, working and even are influencers with millions of followers. What we can see it in the special chapter of Friends? It is not yet decided.