Sam Claflin and Shailene Woodley are fatal in adrift | Film and Television


Two of the shining stars of the youth film at this time, Sam Claflin and Shailene Woodley, are the protagonists of one of the films that promises to be one of the hits of the summer: Drifting.

She is known for the saga Divergent and to he seen in the of The Hunger Games.

In this new adventure perfect for the summer months and to get rid of the urge to hop on any boat if you have a chance the actors give life to a royal couple and tell a story that happened.

Tami Oldham and Richard Ashcraft (Woodley and Claflin) are a couple that came out to sail in your boat until you are immersed in one of the worst hurricanes that have struck in the Pacific Ocean.

The couple had to cover the four thousand miles that separated Tahiti to San Diego when the storm, of level four, was caught off guard, so virulent in 1983.

The film is based on the book that wrote itself Tami years after his misfortune, and that takes by title Red Sky in Mourning: A true story of love, loss and survival at sea.

Drifting hits theaters on June 29.