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Today goes out to the billboard national comedy “Crazy for you”, starring Jaime Camil and Sandra Echeverriawho shares in an interview that this film project, directed by Diego Kaplan and written by him along with Gary Markshas been developed with a lot of love waiting for you like to the audience. In addition, also involved actors of Hollywood as Brian Baumgartner, Brooke Shields, Jason Alexander and James Maslow.

“We are very excited already to launch by end of this film which I have so much faith. Tape is a very well-made, very round, a very dynamic, that from the beginning you’re carcajeando. It is very unpredictable, from the first sequence will surprise you a lot and there clinging to the end. I saw it for the first time finished last week in Houston and I can say that I enjoyed a lot.”

On the context of the plot, Sandra plays “Jess” a woman who is looking for love and who has had bad luck. Is found with “Hank” (Jaime Camil), who apparently is the perfect man —because it is medicated— however, on a journey that they make together, he can’t charge with your pills and it will reveal your obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“My character ‘Jess’ is a woman, very successful and independent, she works in a company’s tequila, but it is going very badly in the love. To all you men looking for a but no one seems perfect for her until she gets to know ‘Hank’, who seems to be that yes, it is. Invites you on a journey of coexistence of their work, and it turns out that him to be mentally stable, you need medication and an accident happens that does not take the pills for the trip and then it starts to go crazy, is when ‘Jess’ begins to know the true ‘Hank’”.

In that sense, Sandra points out that it is interesting that through a romantic comedy like this, to talk about disorders such as anxiety and other ailments of the mind that often people have. “I believe that the majority of the people in the world have certain kind of conditions and in our culture we are a little more restricted to talk about that, in the united States are more open and I think it’s time to talk about it and accept it, to see that there is nothing wrong, that is like any other illness and that it is best to talk it out and communicate it to the people you have near you and look for treatment to lead a life as normal as we can.”

In terms of the expectations that you have “Jess” with regard to finding love, says Sandra also what is important is that you have to let yourself be surprised by the other to know him more thoroughly and discover if you can give a relationship. “I also think that people have to be a bit more accessible and open up to the possibility of knowing, if you are alone you close, it will be much more difficult to get to know someone. As women we have to give the opportunity to men also, and if one decides to have a couple, I’m sure that you can get. For me it came in the time that I least expected it, but I wanted to find a love, I don’t know if perfect, but it was perfect for me and I am the happy woman”.

About sharing credits with actors such as Brooke Shieldssays Sandra that the experience was very fun. “I loved working with them, actors are super professional and super humble, that is where you realize that the greatest actors are the most humble. I was very surprised to see Brooke doing comedy, because I met her doing dramas, it is beautiful, 100% natural, has nothing of surgeries or things in the face, on the contrary, is a beautiful woman who assumes his age.”

Protagonists. Sandra Echeverría and Jaime Camil expect flecharte with his new film directed by Diego Kaplan. COURTESY

Has a new song and tour

Sandra will release a new single on the 28th of February in collaboration with Amandititita, called “Of the best hearts I have run”, which is a fusion of cumbia with the urban sounds and was written by the two. “I’m working with her husband, Ulises Lozano from Kinky, who is a tipazo, and we’ve been doing a lot of demos for the label to submit, and Amandititita heard my voice and liked”. In addition, in the next few days, Sandra will sing with Bronco and Christian Nodal in Aguascalientes.