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A near constant presence at fashion shows, or beauty from the world-famous, whether it is for awards in major festivals, a gala, or on a day-to-day, in the bun can arise in a variety of versions. But you can’t deny that this format is more relaxed, and bagunçadinho, with all the messy wiring, it is still firm and strong as a trend, in addition to being a lot more trendy and easy to do. All you need is a rubber band, and some of the clips, the idea here is to not use the spray, so that the wires don’t look as polished.

To do so, it is very simple to do, and that’s to hold your hair in a pony tail with your hands and comb it to the back, with the fingers wide open, very erratic. The height of the bun will depend a lot on your taste.

On the show of the season for Winter 2019 at the latest for Chanel during the Paris Fashion Week, for instance, tops like Gigi Hadid appeared on the catwalk with her hairstyle at the very top of his head. However, for those who have a long face, and I would highly recommend not to get too high, and that projects an image of much longer hair.

Once you have decided on the height, the other important thing to remember is not to leave the rubber band on the show, and it didn’t give an effect such control. Take a section of your ponytail and wrap it over the elastic, securing it with a pin. So, in the finish, the bun is going to be a lot better.

You can also pick up all the hair and make a bun of the more “classic” homepage, and leaving your hair messy, or, as a second option, which I think is much more interesting, and to make the various parts, starting with that pony tail, twist it, hold on to the edge of each and every one of them, and to give it a frayed, secure it with the clamp, and without a high degree of accuracy. You are beautiful, take a hairstyle, nice!

Take inspiration from the cokers from the top:

Gigi Hadid and you’ll see for Fendi in Milan (Photo by Marco Bertorello/AFP)

Gigi Hadid

She’s usually walking around with her hair like the girl from the beach, with the wire didn’t know how long, bulky, and a lot of times, with the cokers are amazing. The cutting is based on the home straight with a peaked front, and the wires are disconnected, which ensures that a visual, light, and makes it possible for you to build that coke, well, no frills, with loose wires and displicentes, that is, on the face of it!

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Kendall Jenner

Nice, that you don’t usually do a transformation too extreme in her locks as her sisters Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian surprised fans at the beginning of the year to cut the threads off at the shoulder, with a fringe frayed. This shows that, even for those who don’t have their hair so long, you can make your bun messy, and become wonderful, isn’t he? Kendall loves to wear her hairstyle with the hair parted down the middle, leaving a scratch on the scalp as well apparent.

Alessandra Ambrosio

The brazilian has lived in the United States, it is the owner of the wireless superiluminados, by alternating the length, between the shoulders or under the breast. Janice is a representative of the bun messy as well cheap for those times when a special format is that it leaves the women a lot more glamorous and stylish.

Karlie Kloss

The hair at the chin length, in the u.s. you know how to use the pet-coke in its favor, and, as well as the friends of the walkway, invest in a hair in its many different forms. When you choose the charming, often letting a few strands of her bangs loose in the front, and a slight volume at the top of my head.