The Drama from Noah Baumbach, about the divorce stands out as a favorite at the Venice 29/08/2019 – Illustrated

On the second day of the Venice film Festival in the u.s. by Noah Baumbach has already emerged as one of the favourites. Not only is the Golden Lion, to by the powerful drama and comedy, the History of a Marriage, but it is also in the running for an Oscar next year.

Adam, the Driver, and Scarlett Johansson) live in a married couple on the verge of a divorce. He is a recurring director at the theater the cult, and she is a Nicole, an actress who moved to New York city to work on experimental pieces from her husband. Over time, the romance cools down, and the bickering does not stop, and the break-up is inevitable.

There is no reason for a crisis, just a normal wear and tear. But for the love of god to them —or, at least, a tremendous tenderness, never goes away, even when they live apart.

“When something is working, is that we’ve come to think of it as that seems to work —the handle of a door, for example. This is the case with a divorce from him, we can plan a wedding,” said Baumbach in the press release.

When you come on to the scene with the lawyers for the divorce, on each side of a dispute is almost surreal to her. The film won one of the most authentic and the drama of the marriage, with each of the lawyer by using all the tricks and loopholes of the legal way that is smart that you can, causing the former couple to see it suddenly turn into a conflict, the air war. While the lawyers are exchanging accusations aviltantes in front of a judge, remains to be seen with Nicole if you entreolhar, with a mixture of affection and wonder, not knowing how they got to that point.

The film’s reverence for (and update) “Scenes from a Marriage’, the work of Ingmar Bergman, 1975, which became a product in an audiovisual final about a couple in crisis. It is also highlighted by the exciting scenes of the explosion and the dramatic and irresistibly funny.

The director is to seek to show both sides, but hung on to the one that has the most affinity with, the other. Did not need to. The Driver has a performance of such intense, sustained, and that the film was going to be him in any way. Ap will also work hard, and if there can be no eclipse, for the times around when you want to demonstrate a competence in excess of.

“Let these people be lost in its entirety, while at the same time that you were in control, it was amazing. One of the experiences of the most rewarding I’ve ever had,” said Baumbach, famous for its very good performances, see the miracle, to hold to Adam Sandler at The “Meyerowitz”, in the fall of 2017.

And then there’s Laura Dern, as brilliant as the pragmatic lawyer that makes it impossible to keep the n. from an environment in which sexism is still in the cards. Out of Venice, as a potential academy awards nominee for supporting actress.

The other highlight of the day was the delivery of a Lion, of Gold, especially in the Pedro Almodóvar. The spaniard has had a career that is driven by the Venice in 1988, where he was received the award for his script for “Women on the Verge of a nervous breakdown”.

“Thank you for the video and the song in Italian for the continued inspiration you give to my work and my life,” said the director. “Now, I never will be alone with this Lion, I will do the company,” he said.