Neck or sex, she was the daughter of Ana Malhoa compared to Kylie Jenner, and responds to it


Singer India Malhoa elicited gasps from the followers, and, once again, there were those who saw resemblance between the daughter of Ana Malhoa, and is the sister of Kim Kardashian.

It’s been a while that India Malhoa is being compared to Kylie Jenner, the youngest sister of Kim Kardashian. And, once again, to the followers of his daughter Ana Malhoa they have found striking similarities between the two of them.

After all, on Monday, July 21, India Malhoa has shared an image which appears in a black dress with sweetheart neckline-hot -and not just ripped off the praise of fans, but it also gave rise to some of the considerations of the resemblance which her 20-year-old with Kylie Jenner.

“At this time, the sister of Kim [Kardashian] it is to weep”, he wrote, for example, is a big fan. India Malhoa put a “like” and commented on the comparison with the emoji tears of laughter. “Oh my God, the sister of Kim’s, are you?”, a joke, more of a follower.

It will be recalled that just recently, India Malhoa, celebrated its 20-year life, with a look that has also ripped a lot of praise from the fans.

You see, right now, the image of India Malhoa, which led to comparisons with Kylie Jenner in the photo gallery we have prepared for you.