Part of the Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner at the daytime Emmy 2019 in the end it is all explained! The journal reveals the reaction to this is laughter from the audience


As time went on, but it’s a shame others keep beating on here! This Tuesday (the 24th), and the magazine US Weekly has unveiled what happened behind the micão Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner in the “Emmy award-2019”. It would seem that, despite having seen him at the moment, super awkward, and they’ve coped well with the situation after that.

According to the publication, it was a huge failure of communication. “They did not receive a briefingsaid a source in the text that’s displayed on the teleprompter, which was supposed to have been for a while now. As soon as we got it, the climão weird thing was obvious, even to the insider’s… “It was definitely a little bit weird”he added.

Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, presenting a category of the Emmy awards (Photo: Getty images)

In spite of it all, the sisters Kardashian-Jenner ended up taking the matter in a good way. “To Kim and Kendall took it in stride”he commented to another reporter at the journal. The more the audience fell out laughing, they didn’t bother. “The speech was supposed to be funny. They don’t worry about people laughing at”he said.

The two sisters have been invited to exhibit in the category of “Best Reality Competition — which was handed over to the “RuPaul”s Drag Race”. Prior to this, however, is a part of the text that they had read it, he was the audience of the awards to fall this year.

“Our family knows first-hand how a television, a truly eye-catching coming from real people and they are not the same…”started by Kim, which was then supplemented by Defined by: “… The telling of their stories, unfiltered and without a road map.

It was after we would speak, in “real people” and in the template add “without a filter and without a road map”, the audience is not able to stop the laughter! Effects, even, they seemed to have become uneasy as he waited for the sister to finish to announce the nominees. Watch the scene:

It wasn’t until the issue became the subject on social networks, sharing the views of the general public. Here are some of the reactions from the fans and spectators alike:

At least they dealt with it very well! But in the next it is best to avoid stress, eh?