Why Pokemon Go Is Much More Than Just Playing Game For Fun


Pokémon Go was the new craze in gaming not too long ago. It was a really big new online phenomenon when it first launched. Even though it’s not as popular as it was when it first launched, it’s still very popular.

For those who don’t know, it is an online game played with smartphone powered with GPS technology. The game was launched July 6, 2016, by game maker Nintendo and its partners and was embraced by millions around the world. 

Yes, there are indeed more ways of getting the best from your smartphone than just taking pictures and playing a game like Pokémon Go is one of such ways. 

As for taking pictures, do you know you can earn money selling feet pictures? Yes, you can and many people are selling feet pics and using their smartphones just for that.

As for Pokémon Go, it is played by walking with your smartphone to capture cartoon characters superimposed on the screen in real life locations. 

The attraction of this game is on the excitement of moving from one location to another to capture, hatch, train and fight with the characters. The more level you attain in the game the better excitement you have. 

The popularity of Pokémon Go is still making many smart businesses to cash in on the business part of it. If you are wondering how to make money with this game, there are unique ways that are being exploited. You too can take advantage of these opportunities to make money offline and online. 

With the game, you can play for fun and still make money enjoying what you love. If you are a business owner, there are ways to make your business one of the spots for players when they are hunting and playing the games. 

You can sell to such people and you can even prepare special contests for them and even help them get the best from playing the game.