Drake and Kylie Jenner have spent the last few days together in the Los Angeles area


The rumors of an alleged relationship between a Drake and it Has returned with full force.

Kylie Jenner is currently leading the world to believe that she’s reconciling with her ex-boyfriend and the father of her daughter, Lisa, Scott, but is she really going out with Drake, who was the developer of the Monster in “SICKO”MODE?

For months now, Kylie Jenner has given the impression that she and Travis Scott are working on the back. They are raising their daughter, Stormi, Webster, and spend most of their time together as a family, but at some point, Drake joined a group of them. Him world-famous and has never confirmed that it is looking at the tycoon’s make-up billion dollar, and in neither Case, but they are still being caught on the parties and on the sources of the sites by the celebrity they are convinced that there is something going on between them.

The speculation started when Kylie Jenner was seen at the birthday party of Perez in the last year, before being seen again in the Los Angeles area. In spite of the stories of Travis and Kylie are back together again, Drake went ahead and changed the script of today after having spent the last two nights with the Effects.

One night, after they had been seen together in the Delilah Nightclub, Drake and Kylie Jenner were at the SHOREBar in Santa Monica together, and going out at times separate to avoid being photographed as a couple, according to the website Hollywood Life.

This begs the question: who is Kylie Jenner really dating? Travis Scott? Games??? None of them?.