Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski are processed in the case of Fyre Festival.


In the fall of 2017, new york rapper Ja Rule, and an entrepreneur, William McFarland, have announced a celebration of the music of a very high standard, which will be carried out on a paradise island in the Bahamas. Released by a group of top models internationally renowned, this initiative had all the tickets sold out in 48 hours or less. However, the result was not as expected, and the controversies related to the Fyre Festival has not yet come to an end. After you have all the of models Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Lais Ribeiro, Emily Ratajkowski, and She not long after they intimadas to be heard in american courts to clarify the whereabouts of the$ 26 million raised by the creators of the project, two of these staff now face a lawsuit filed by one of the businessmen who organized the event.

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The top models Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski are among the stars who have been processed by the administrator in the bankruptcy of William “Billy” McFarland, the creator of the Fyre Festival. In addition to them, musicians Friend, Pusha T’s, Blink-182, and Released Yachty, are also listed in the records obtained by the magazine, the People’s Court of Bankruptcy, in New York city.

According to the lawsuit filed by Gregory Messer, Jenner, won A$ 275 billion to broadcast the event on their social networks, while DNA Model Management, the agency that represents Ratajkowski, has received a US$ 299 thousand for the merchandise.

Mario Sorrenti/Calvin Klein
Jenner, you may have to return you to the McFarland’s for the$ 275 billion that is earned for getting the word out

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We do not know the amount of money that the agency has the Emily Ratajkowski passed on to the top, but it may also be required to return the value of

McFarland, who currently complies with the penalty of 6 years in prison for fraud, although he suggests that the post made by Kendall, did not indicate that she had been paid to promote the festival, and that is, to write a “G. O. O. D Music Family” in the caption, she shared with the audience the understanding that Kanye West (the owner of the record label G. O. O. D), if present in the project. “Such conduct demonstrates a clear lack of good faith on the part of it,” said Messer of the Cash.

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Billy McFarland fulfills the penalty of 6 years in prison for fraud

According to the Wall Street Journal, the lawsuits against the star are intended to recover the money paid to the agencies from all over the world for artists, with a view to that, McFarland was ordered to repay the$ 14 million transferred to the Fyre Media, Inc. during the production of the project.

The models for the video recording of the disclosure in the Fyre Festival

However, the one that was supposed to be a luxury experience turned into a nightmare. When you arrive at the event, guests were met by a structure is substandard, the mattresses soaked by the rain, and the meals were limited to sandwiches (two slices of cheese, lettuce, and tomato.

At the time of the accommodation of the participants found that the tents used in the event of natural disasters

The sandwich is served at the festival

To make matters worse, the concerts and the flights to the island have been wiped out, leaving the whole world stuck in place. In the case that it won impact the world, both documentaries, and it has resulted in the arrest of McFarland, as of October 2018.

The documentary, from the Series account of the scenes of the tragedy

Hulu has also made a feature film about the case of Fyre Festival

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