Kylie Jenner out for shopping again and paid almost us$ 90 million for a vacant lot – the Notes – Glamurama


The billion dollar “self-made”, has a portfolio that is respected in the real estate || Credit Playing

Remember that Kylie Jenner has added another mansion to his extensive real estate portfolio is to a high standard at the end of April, according to Glamurama had at the time? Therefore, the occurrence of the cosmetics, only 22 years old he was not alone in this, and at the same time, also made a cash payment of US$ 15 million (Us$ 86,3 million) for a huge piece of waste ground in a 20-million-square-foot, which used to be Miley Cyrus (a singer from the used as a stable for their horses), and it is in a Hidden Hillds, one of the areas of the residential more of the face of the Island.

We do not know exactly what she’s Performing Crafts to do with the plot of land, which may have been purchased by it so much as an investment as well as for the construction of a new home. The estimates indicate that, in the case of a property has been built in accordance with the standards of the neighborhood, it could be sold for somewhere between$ 50 million (Us$ 287,7 million) and US$ 75 million (Us$ 431,6 million) after it has been completed.

Billion dollar “self-made” youngest of the story, Jenner, he lives in Holmby Hills, has two addresses are in Beverly Hills and the other two in the Blue Hills, in addition to the land recently purchased. As a whole, all of these properties are worth in excess of$ 100 million (Us$ 575,5 million, or about 10% of the wealth of the youngest member of the clan Jenner/Kardashian, who has learned how to invest in real estate with their mother, Kris Jenner. (For The Anderson’s Market)

Bird’s-eye view of the newest addition to the real estate from the Effects || Credits: Play