Lotomania 2073: “what time to leave the results of the competition on Tuesday, 12th may

The Lotomania 2073 this Tuesday, the 12th of may, you can pay a premium for R$ 5.4 million for a player who hit all the numbers drawn. The start of the draw for the competition will be in the 20’s and the result is announced by the The Metro Newspaper even in the 21 – to update this page to access it.

In the previous draw, on Tuesday (5), and no one took the jackpot that you have accumulated. Four of the bets they have made the 19-tens, and led to a R$ 72 thousand in each of them. Please click here to view the results.

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How does it work

The bet is$ 2.50 and should you choose 50 numbers. The winner is whoever has hit a 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 or even, do not dial any number. Also, it is possible to opt for the Surprise, that is, to score more than 50 in numbers, or do not select anything and let the system choose the number of tens.

If you’re feeling confident in your bets, you can keep it in for longer contracts with the Teimosinha. The other option is for Lotomania is to make a new investment with the system by selecting the other 50 numbers that are not registered in the original game, by the Wager in a Mirror.

How to play

You have the option to bet on Lotomania until 19 pm, in either the national lottery or through the web site Lottery Cash.