Scarlett Johansson gets excited when I discovered the last of the family to the Movie


After Dustin Hoffman and Ben Affleck, now it’s time for Scarlett Johansson to participate in the united states Finding Your Rootsthat offers the celebrities an opportunity to discover the past of their families.

Over a period of one minute, it’s a promotional video that shows a list of the members of the family of the actress, who may have been in the Warsaw Ghetto during the Second World War. During the video, you can see Johansson’s flipping through a book of black and white photographs of his family, and to the horror of the nazi’s.

Despite having promised herself not to cry, Scarlett Johansson was not able to contain themselves when reading the list, the name of the brother and sister of your great-grandfather. The origin of the Danish, and the Polish actress, was born in New York city, united states.

The episode will go on north american television on Tuesday evening, the 31st of October.