What do you eat Taylor Swift on their cheating days? These are the whims that you choose


To face tours, recordings, tours and concerts it is necessary to be in the best possible conditions. Taylor Swift knows that and that is one of the reasons why I some years ago decided to take a break. Despite the fact that the success came with it, felt that he needed to rest.

The media war that remained with one of the couples most famous and powerful from Hollywood, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, ended up pass bill. Luckily, he knew how to recover and came back with strength and new songs.

But to be a star it is not only demanding on the emotional level, it requires a great physical effort, that’s why staying in shape is also part of the work of artists such as Swift.

Your work is very physically demanding. (EFE)
Your work is very physically demanding. (EFE)

We have all seen the numerous pictures in which he was returning home dressed in a ballerina after a hard workout accomplished. That is one of the passions of Taylor, the danceand for this they go to the center of Simone de la Rue.

It is also very fond of the running, which allows you to train whenever you want, even if you have not near a gym. Whenever it goes to run, it does so to the rhythm of the music.

However, we cannot forget that a good training routine it has to be accompanied by a proper diet. Since then Taylor is of that idea, but it has a quite different way of putting it into practice.

You don’t like the dietsso what has confessed on several occasions, that’s why not put very strict rules you can’t keep.

During the week, Swift tries to eat healthy, which for her translates into many salads, yogurts and sandwiches comprehensive, eliminating fats, and red meat. Avoid sugary drinks and bet on the water, of which he is fanatical, ensuring that you drink 2 litres a day.

But the weekend arrives and relaxes a little more, allowing themselves the luxury of eating those things that during the previous five days has been shifting. This practice is not rare. There are few experts who claim that banning any foods in our diet can cause anxiety, and is also one of the ‘techniques dietary’ more, followed also by celebs homelands as Cristina Pedroche.

Know that we are not consuming certain products leads us to wanting them with more force. That’s why some people include in their diets a ‘cheating day’, that is to say a day that are allowed to be ‘unfaithful’ to your diet and eat what you want, even if they are not healthy fats or whole grains such as buckwheat. Taylor takes advantage of the weekends for these moments.

So, after a week of hard effort, work, and light meal, the singer is allowed to indulge in foods that may be less healthy, such as the burgers, fries or ice cream. And is that the sweet is one of his passions.

This is great because another of his hobbies is baking. The singer has discovered that she loves to make desserts and also distribute them among their friends, as is often done with one of their specials, the pumpkin cake.

Yes, she has it clear, if you have to choose one to skip the diet, will be the sugar cookies chai with coverage of eggnog. And you do not risk, always keep cinamon rolls and cookie dough in the housejust in case you get the craving.

Although you should not abuse the sweets, if you are going to consume them, it is always a good idea to choose to prepare them at home instead of buying the industrial products, in this way you can be sure that it does not contain anything that is not good for you.