Kylie Jenner shows off when ever the daughter, and it melts the web


Kylie Jenner stopped by the internet with the cuteness of their daughter, Stormi. During the early morning hours, she posted a video of the short that captivated the entire world, and it continues to be one of the topics most talked about on social media.

The new fever on the web, it is a challenge for the throne, where the parents put candy in front of child and asks for her to wait any longer to eat. You have the kids who can’t stand it, but the Stormi has shown that it has a lot of patience. Kylie Jenner, he tested the little girl, and she is, without a doubt, it is better that have been approved.

We would put on a pot of chocolate in front of her and asked her to wait to come back to be able to eat it. Kylie comes out of the room while the girl is waiting for you. In the beginning Stormi is distracted with the TV and then threatens to take the candy and begins to talk to himself: “patience, patience”. This is a very adorable and cute.

As soon as Kylie comes back, she asks if you Stormi, and waited, and the short answer all the proud, yes. We would then let the little girl to pick up three of the chocolate.

Kim Kardashian’s sister Kylie said that her children would not go to that test: “oh My God, that is perfection. This would not be the case with the Chi, especially the Saint”.

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