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One of the biggest celebrities in the Instagram, to Kim Kardashian being sued because they posted it in October of last year, the social network has a photo that appears on the side of her husband, Kanye West. The problem is that the image recorded on the feast day of the release of the album, “Nasir”, a song In, it has not been hit by the reality tv star, or someone from the team of moderators to it, but for the photographer, Saeed Bolden, who claims to have not given up the rights to use your work for one of the most famous of the Kardashians for a moment.

This ensures that the professional has hurt tremendously, and, above all, because it prevented him from invoice with a click, which has become commonplace after being shared by the Images with its 157 million followers that at the time of the incident, there are now more than 158 million). The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in a court in Brooklyn, New York city, and we still don’t know if Bolden wants an award of compensatory damages for the harm caused, or just an acknowledgement that you believe will not be successful.

The sister of north Korean leader Kim, Khlóe Kardashian has also been the target of a similar process in the fall of 2017, for having posted it also Calls for a photo of the cartoon in which it appears, leaving the restaurant, Komodo, Miami with Kourtney Kardashian. If this is the case, however, the parties made a settlement of the accounts without going to court, and no one talked about it. (For The Anderson’s Market)

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Below is the point-and-click mischief: