The surprising love story of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn


Reveals the mystery

And after several months of only suspecting, the mystery of their romance finally is revealed when both were seen exchanging glances romantic in Nashville while enjoying a coffee. Since then, the comments were not made to wait and finally, after some time, a source close to Taylor revealed to the media The Sunthat Joe may was the right man for her due to the relationship so stable that they carry.

Their first public appearance together

Finally, and after a long time hiding, the premiere of the film The Favourite (one of the projects that are worked on Joe), became the perfect stage to announce their romance to the four winds. Hand in hand, so it was as they entered the Lincoln Center, the place where they screened the film that night.

Together at all times

But despite the fact that Taylor and Joe have always strived to maintain it more private possible relationship, if there is one thing we can be sure is that your love, every day is stronger and accompany each other at every step regardless of what you have to sacrifice.

A clear example of this was when Taylor left to attend the Grammy awards to be able to accompany him on the awards the film ‘the Favorite’, and by which congratulated Joe openly in their social networks, proving to be very proud of him.