WOW! Kendall Jenner, the rears butt wearing lingerie in a transparent


Kendall Jenner (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

On the evening of Tuesday (12), Kendall Jenner did the weather catch fire after posting a photo of it from the sexy on her Instagram. In the comments, the model has been widely praised for its beauty.

In this photo, the chick in the clan: O I was lying on the side of the bed, wearing a negligee with transparency, well, eye-opening, and pitched his butt was perfect, sensualizando a lot. The click was almost seven-million-liking on Instagram.

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“Kendalllllll,” said Kylie Jennerthe sister of the model. “Wow, wow, wow”, he shot the other a sister of the well-known Khloe Kardashian. “Hail, mary, I-zoom,” commented one internet user in brazil. “BIT too perfect”, he said to the other.

At the time, the newly Defined appeared wearing a bikini with a very small, and is so made that he was to play, it is almost over showing too much at the crotch while the renewal of the tan.

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