20 years later, Young, retro, X-Men: the Movie


The 2000 is an important year for fans of superheroes and of the Marvel comics. It was here that the X-Men: the Movie she had come to the movie theaters, ushering in a new phase of super-heroes on the big screen. But does it pass the test of time?

And the answer is yes. At the time of release, the film has generated a stir among the comic book readers, who saw it for the first time, characters like Wolverine, Storm, Professor X, and Jean Grey in the flesh-and-blood.

At the time, the features of which are inspired by the comic books it was still a gamble, and because of this, there was a desire not to go on a image of the “child” to the public. This concern has resulted in the X-Men are wearing black uniforms and leather (inspired by The Matrix), which are very different from the tights yellow well-known of the comic book. But that didn’t stop the film from being a huge success.

The other plus point was a good line-up of the squad. Sir Patrick Stewart it was the role of Charles Xavier/Professor X, one of the most important characters in the The X-Men. so much for his powers, as well as his vision for a peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants. On the other hand, no less than Ian McKellen he assumed the position of the Magnet, and the ex-friend and rival that of Xavier’s, he saw the mutants as a superior race.

In addition to the double Halle Berry played the role of Storm James Marsden it was the x-men, Famke Janssen was cast as Jean Grey, one of the choices, the most accurate of all Hugh Jackman as a Wolverine. At the time, he did not comply with the requirements of the physical, to live with the character, since he was taller, and not so strong that it’s almost impossible not to join the x-men with the star.

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Maybe X-Men: the Movie it is not as attractive to those who have not experienced the excitement of the time, but there is no doubt that the production has a foothold in the list of the best in the long been inspired by comic books.