Amber Heard has been fired from Aquaman 2? The web Site shows the truth


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have had a divorce, rowdy in rio in 2016, and the relationship between the two of you gets details of the translations up to the present day.

Heard was originally accused of Wife assault in 2016. Now, the Wife sued him, Heard in the$ 50-million, after it wrote an article citing abuse in the home (she didn’t mention the sun, but it was clear that I was referring to the former).

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Wife claims that I never beat, Heard that she was a person in a violent marriage, and since then, it appeared the audio tracks in the show, admitting to have attacked the actor, and the evidence that she had forged the evidence (such as bruising and wounds, to try to incriminate him.

And with that, came many requests for what She Heard to be fired from Aquaman 2, since it is an interpreter-only. But it seems that they have not had an effect so far.

In accordance with Umberto Gonzalez, a journalist for The Wrap, and the Heroic in Hollywood, Heard that remains attached to the Tempest 2.

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“No, She Heard no been fired from’ the Tempest” and 2″, – wrote the journalist on Twitter. Further details were not provided.

Tempest 2 will have the return of Jason Momoa on the cast, and will hit the theatres on December, in the year 2022.