Bella Thorne makes declarations about the fight against acne, in post, is awesome!


Bella Thorne he used social media to talk about the fight against acne. The actress shared on Thursday, the 7th, the a-text and a picture on his previous fights against acne, while showing the fans just how far she has come with her daily care of the skin, and the results were amazing.

“No make-up. Have a good day, I am so proud of my skin, and how far we’ve come,” she wrote in the caption.

In the comments, fans, and fans of the star took the opportunity to leave you a beautiful message. Still others have been encouraged by the courage of Jacob, and they shared their stories as well.

“The fact that you have acne, it makes me feel so much at peace. Thank you for being real,” said one fan. “I’m struggling with acne breakouts, it messes so much with my self-esteem. Thank you for encourage me, and share it with us!”, they were written.

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