Emma Stone may have married in secret


In December of 2019 at the latest By Dave McCary surprised his followers with a photograph of heart-warming at the hand of his girlfriend, Emma Stonein which the actress flaunted an engagement ring. In the publication, the couple announced they would marry soon. Fans have speculated that the two might have exchanged rings!

A few months later, the engagement of the pandemic, the coronavirus has made many of the wedding had to be postponed. The us press said that the couple would exchange rings in march, it was decided to reschedule the ceromónia for another time more calm. But it appeared very recently in the show made up rumors that the wedding will already have taken place.

In a video posted on the Youtube channel of actress Reese WitherspoonEmma Stone, shown with an o-ring on the left hand side, which looks a lot like a wedding band. In the pictures you can see that she wears the ring on her left hand, while do not use anything in your hand, right where he was supposed to wear the engagement ring.

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