In the metropolitan region of Rio de janeiro has the least drive-by shootings during the quarantine


The metropolitan area of Rio has recorded a fall of 32% in the number of school shootings during the first two months of social isolation, according to data released by the Cross-Fire. The decrease comprises of the 14th of march and 13th of may, and it is compared with the same period of the previous year.

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According to the platform this year, with the Rio Grande has recorded 992 to drive-by shootings, or the shooting of firearms in the past two months, compared with 1.454 records in the first quarter of 2019. The records of this year have resulted in the 345 people in shot (158 killed, and 187 wounded), and 28% less than last year, when 479 people were affected (234 killed and 245 injured).

In spite of this, when compared to the period prior to the quarantine, the average number of shots per day in the metropolitan area increased during the two months of confinement. From the 14th of march to the 13th of may, there were an average of 16 shooting for the day, amounting to 992. Already in the period prior to the insulation, between the 1st of January to the 13th of march, it was 1.024 drive-by shootings – an average of 14 per day.

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