Katy Perry has announced the date for the debut of her new album 14/05/2020


The new album from Katy Perry will be released on the 14th of August. The announcement was made by the songstress in a different way: by means of its official website at the artificial intelligence in the Alexa, the Amazon. The album’s title has yet to be revealed.

As reported on Rolling Stone, your fans to access content ” on the device to receive automatically the following message: “Katy has asked me to let you know that the new album it will be released on the 14th of this month.

The partnership as a single

Katy Perry and Amazon are partnering to launch the first single from the new album. “Daisies” is going to make his debut in the early hours of today, and will be followed by a performance of I, and a q & a session in the pool with the platform.

“I hope you are all well and good, if I break into your little party of the Zoom function on the evening of the day,” joked the singer on Instagram.


Between last year and this year, the singer has released a string of singles, that’s relocated in the limelight after the release of “the Witness”, their latest album, in the fall of 2017.

“Never Really Over”, “Small Talk” and “Harleys in Hawaii,” you have done that, I would call again the attention of the fans. “Never Worn White that was released in march, it was also an opportunity for the singer to announce her pregnancy.

This song, by the looks of it, should not be included in the upcoming album.

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