Kendall Jenner reveals what an ex of her sisters, she likes the most


Kendall Jenner he gave an interview to as well telling to the program The Tonight Show!

Within the framework of it, the model that kicked of Pour It Out with the show’s hosts, Jimmy Fallon. As a joke, Kendall and Jimmy answered the questions as well as personal, without revealing that it was a question. After they respond, they will have to decide whether to take a shot or drink if you tell us what the question is.

Kendall was the first, in reading your question, before saying: “The drug“. After thinking about it a little, and she gave the official answer: “Scott Disick“.

This question could have been anything, but it’s Scott Disick?“he asked Jimmy.

The star of the KUWTK to reveal the question, choosing instead to take a drink. So, what was it? “What is an ex of your sisters do you like the most“.

Jimmy was the next to read the question before answering: “Less than you might think“.

What’s that?it, ” said Kendall, chuckling with the crowd. “The rumors are true!“once joked about it.

That is far less than you might think“, He said. “I definitely am going to read this question“.

Then he read the question: “What was your first impression of the Madonna?“. “It is smaller than I thought it would be. It’s tiny and it’s perfectin, ” explained Jimmy.