Khloé Kardashian speaks on the rumor that it would be a pregnant woman and causes concerns about the criticism: “It’s my life, not yours”


The stork might be delivering in a number of places, but it’s definitely not gone even close to the house, Khloé Kardashian! This past Wednesday (the 13th), the manager has used his / her personal account on Twitter to do a rant furious about the rumors that he was pregnant with their second child.

The presenter of the program “Revenge Body,” he explained that he was angry, not so much for the rumor of the pregnancy, but especially with all the derogatory comments that the users have to speculate about his private life. “Right now, I’m not shown up too much on the social media platforms, and this is one of the main reasons that I am far away. Those things are sick, and hurtful to what people say”he wrote.

“I’m disgusted with so many of the things that I am looking at. These people are taking away my patience and say that you know everything about me…. Including my uterus). Disease”he said. “All the nasty things that you have to say about me, for the sake of A buzz! I’ve seen so many of the stories and tweets that are offensive/worthless about myself, and about the story to be false. If it were to be true… it Is my life, not yours”complained.

The mother of a small True, Thompson has found it unacceptable that people are now so critical about the decisions that are taken by someone they don’t even know it. “Funny how some people can be so picky about who and how others should live their lives. I do believe that people should focus on their own lives/families to put the power to make the world a better scary that we live in today, and try to project positivity as opposed to the evil”closed.

The rumors about a possible pregnancy, Khloé began on the internet the same. Many of his followers were surprised to see that it was published on the 24th of April, in a picture without showing my belly! In one of his stories, they, too, had noticed that she seemed to be wearing a sort of cloak, hiding from a supposed pregnancy. Folks, it’s a lot of time left in the quarantine! Lol

The other “clue” that is collected for the internet users and it’s been a few episodes of the reality tv show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and appear on the recently. Khloé and basketball player Tristan Thompson, the father of her firstborn, arrived to discuss the possibility of generating a new child in the future, by means of artificial fertilization.

However, the program itself, it shows the entrepreneur as a signal that the world would be just as viable, mainly due to the fact that there is a relationship between her and him. “He has to sign a paper legally saying that it would only be my sperm donor. But you never know, like, three years ago I got married to someone else. And I go: ‘do You want to know, and I don’t want to do this [o esperma]’”, she said to Kendall Jenner, and Kourtney Kardashian.