Kim Kardashian shows off the kitchen and is shocked followers: “would live in the fridge”


Kim Kardashian he shared a number of stories on Instagram, showing off in the kitchen of his parents ‘ house, where she lives with her husband Kanye West and four children in North St., Chicago, and Ps.

The videos caught the attention of the followers on account of the size of your kitchen, especially the fridge. In addition, it was also possible to view a station’s huge with all the appliances, all stainless steel.

On Twitter, the followers were very impressed with the ostentation of a socialite. “The amount of water that the Executive that you have in the fridge, in the Kim Kardashian gave in to buying a car-popular,” wrote one user. Their followers did play with the size of the kitchen. The kitchen is larger than Maceió and I,” said one fan. “I would live for good in the refrigerator of mr. Kim,” said the other.

Watch a couple of videos that are shared by Kim, below:

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