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Have you ever imagined receiving a gift Taylor Swift? This has been the case in the In Weber, Thean avid fan of the singer, at the age of 11. The girl took the attitude that’s incredible in their neighborhood, which is just thrilling for Tay!

Emerson has sent a letter to the postman in the neighborhood, thanking them for their work during the pandemic, the coronavirus, and emphasized the importance of sending cards to this day. In the story, it came up to Swift, who was touched by the act of the fan.

For this reason, the owner of the Lover did it come as a surprise to her. She sent him a gift of a super special, which, of course, it was accompanied by a short letter – handwritten and with drawings! The father of Emerson, who shared his experience on Twitter, telling them that Taylor had sent out a perfume of your brand name in a range of sizes.

In the story, he revealed that he had not been on very much for the package until it can be noted that “To-To Tay -” it was written by hand. Can you believe it? “After taking a deep breath, we sat down in the living room and opened the box. The first thing I had to was when he began unwrapping the package, and the smell of it was like ‘the smell of happiness’, in accordance with the Emersom. And the smell of happiness filled the room, my friends, and it lasted for hours.”he wrote his father on the social networking site. Check it out:

That attitude is cute for the Taylor <3