Manu Gavassi thanks to Bruna Marquezine by the books, ” Taylor Swift: “a true Friend”


It Bruna Marquezine and Manu Gavassi they are like sisters, it’s not news to anyone. When you get out of the Big Brother Brasil 20, the singer said she felt a vibe of family in friends.

After the end of the reality show, and Even told it to Manu, who, when he knew that she would take part in the program, purchased books for the Taylor Swift the two of them.

On Monday, the 11th, Gavassi, showed us in their Stories of Instagram, which has won not just one, but four books on the american singer.

I made up a song for my friend Bonnie: Bonnie, I love you and I you and I I’m going to sing it. The first year is pretty cool, it gives me a number of books by Taylor. The first year is one too many, and only a true friend can do so. Why do the ones who purchase the books on the Taylor? This is“once joked about.

Check it out below:

Manu Gavassi thanks to Bruna Marquezine by reading the books on the Taylor Swift

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