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MC Lan cancels out the song with Lady Gaga:

MC Lan cancels out the song with Lady Gaga: “I Gave up on the idea of” Photo: set-up: Marie-Claire/ Picture: Instagram)

MC Lan-you have shared on your social networks as you will be on your new album, Bipolar, is not to be missed. The project has many partners, but it’s a collaboration that did not happen he was the one that called it to the attention of the internet users. With the win an he answered to a fan about an alleged partnership with Lady Gaga’s, and showed what would happen to him, but he decided to cancel it.

The artist told me that he gave up writing music for the sake of the fans she has, and that I decided not to take the risk this cooperation. “Was going to be, but in the end I gave up on the idea and passed it on to the record label, because I realized that I wasn’t going to have the support of all the fans of it. Perhaps I may not be a good fit for this feat and may not be ready to do something about it. Anyway, I love Her music, but I do have the resilience and self-criticism“, he wrote MC to the local area network to their Twitter profile.

A user replied to him: “are You okay, is it crazy to blow off a feat with Her. You go there to take a look at the number of the feat which she has now done it’s minimal, it’s super you know what to do.” To another he wrote: “The Concert can’t remember not to send “hi” to the fans, they were going to do this feat? We do know that it was going to be a remix of a song, as he did with the song Was Eilish, which is impossible to be more than that.”

The album to win an appear in names, such as Anitta, and even international artists such as Major Lazer, Wiz Khalifa, Skrillex, Don Omar, and TE.

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